Monday, March 3, 2014

Congratulations Nathan and Ashley

I know I shouldn't be surprised. But sometimes I'm still in awe at God's perfect timing.

Nathan and Ashley started with Christian Adoption Consultants last May. But during that time they were in the throes of a move to a new home and completing their home study in the midst of it. Life moved on, they were raising their little guy, and their adoption seemed to be on the back burner.

Because of the move and the busyness of life, it wasn't until February that their home study was actually complete. That same day, they decided to be presented for the first time to an expectant mother choosing an adoptive family for her daughter.

They were chosen. Just weeks later they found themselves on a road trip to meet their birth mother and be there for the birth of their daughter.

God took what we all thought was a long home study process and turned it into perfect timing: a beautiful daughter and little sister for this family.

Photo credit: Kelly Anderson

Did you happen to do the math? It was nine months ago that Nathan and Ashley began their adoption journey.

I know better now than to believe that timing is coincidence. This sweet little girl was meant to be in this family, not just nine months ago when she was conceived but from the beginning of time.

Ashley, Birth Mother, and Daughter. Beautiful. 

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