Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Congratulations Denny and Kerry

Denny and Kerry's adoption is one that can only be explained by a faithful and big God. Often it's hard to share adoption stories. There's a tension in sharing such a sacred space of the beginning of one life, a family, and a birth family's letting go and a desire to shout from the rooftops how amazing God is in orchestrating the millions of details. So although there are millions of those details in this family's story, recounting just some of them is worth the telling...

Denny and Kerry discussed many avenues for the adoption before they settled on Christian Adoption Consultants and began with me at the end of February. After a doctor's appointment discussing other options that just didn't feel right, they decided to dive into domestic adoption.

From the beginning, Denny and Kerry were clear. They wanted to step into a situation where a child needed a home; where there was a desperate need for a family. Their hearts weren't just for adoption; God had called them into a space to say yes to a little one who needed them.

Just six weeks later, I texted Kerry with that exact situation: there was a sweet baby who needed a family. I knew they were days away from completing their home study, but this was urgent. He had been born several weeks earlier with some medical needs and was just waiting for a family to say yes to him.

There was a lot of details to be worked out. Travel plans and finances, paperwork and legal processes. But Denny and Kerry knew that if this was the child God was calling them to be a family to, God would work out all of the details. And within days of praying and paperwork and packing and more praying, they were headed on a road trip to meet their son. Nine weeks from the time they walked out of a doctor's office to discuss one path and onto another path that would lead them to holding their son.

In God's crazy timing, when all settled a bit and Kerry was reviewing her son's paperwork, she found something that confirmed this sweet boy was meant to be theirs from the beginning. The day in February when they decided to dive into the adoption process? That was the same day their son was discharged from the hospital.

The day they decided to pursue what God had for their family was the same day he was creating it.

For more of Denny and Kerry's journey to adoption, check out Kerry's blog, Glory in the Valley.

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