Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Congratulations Jason and Corey (Times Two!)

Jason and Corey have an amazing story to tell their children someday. But it's more than a story of struggling through infertility, crazy timing, and a family being created; ultimately it's the story of a big God who did big things through their parents' big dreams.

Jason and Corey heard about Christian Adoption Consultants through friends who were also adopting. They began working with me in late March; I created their profile and they were in the midst of finishing up their home study.

Then, just eight weeks in, they got a call about twins that has been born. A sweet boy and girl whose birth mother wanted to made an adoption plan and was looking for a family. It seemed like an impossible stretch; Jason and Corey were preparing for their last home visit the next day and having a baby (much less two!) was not even on their radar at this point in their adoption process.

But they prayerfully moved forward. That day they got their profile to the birth mother and over the next few days, God put all of the details in place for Jason and Corey to double their family. In nine weeks after starting with CAC, this family of two went to a family of four. 

They met the birth mother who they describe as incredibly brave and loving. They met their son and daughter; seeing them for the first time with their vision blurred by tears. And they celebrated God's faithfulness and sovereignty over the entire journey in ways they could never have imagined.

I'll let Jason and Corey share why they want to share their story...
God is bigger than expectations. God is more powerful than I often recognize. Our story is nothing short of a miracle. We want people to stand with us in awe of our great God. We spent years struggling through infertility and praying for God to bless us with a child. We never expected our story to be this amazing. We went through our entire adoption process from the preliminary application to placement in 4 months! That does not happen. Our story is a testimony to the power of the local church. It is the power of God’s people showing love to one another. Our connection with the adoption agency, the adoption consultant, the birth mother, the financial resources, the prayers, and the encouragement all stem from the workings of the local church. God’s glorious redemptive plan for humanity is through the power of the local church. Corey and I experienced the power of the local church in a way that we had never seen. My hope is that our story encourages those that are far from God and strengthens those that are close to God. Our story is ultimately God’s story. It NEVER goes according to our plan and it ALWAYS is for His good. Adoption has a way of changing your life. We pray that our story would point to the life-changing message of Christ. The Gospel changes everything.

And I love these words from Jason on what God taught him through the process...
You will often hear in adoption circles to “guard your heart.” Almost everything in the adoption process is out the hands of adoptive parents. An adoption process can end at any second and without warning. “Guarding your heart” helps adoptive parents to not get their hopes up in the case something goes wrong. I spent a lot of time trying to perfect this art of “guarding my heart” before I gave up during one of my morning times with God. I began to realize that this mindset is not really helpful or even Biblical. Ultimately what we are saying to God is, “I am going to guard my heart because I am afraid You are going to break it.” I was using a cop out to not trust God with the thing that I need to trust Him most in. Trust involves submission. I submit my heart to God, trusting that He can make my week great or He can break my heart. Regardless, my joy is found in Christ and not in the outcome of an adoption process. 

Jason and Corey's story, their children's story, is really God's story.

God's story of faithfulness.

God's story of grace.

And God's story of incredible blessing when a couple chooses to trust in His purposes for their family.

To read more of Jason and Corey's adoption journey, check out their blog, Patient in the Waiting

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