Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Congratulations Tim and Wendy

Even the nurses said that this had God written all over it...

Tim and Wendy have been on a long journey to parenthood. When they began with Christian Adoption Consultants in December, they had already faced tremendous loss when it came to their attempts to have a family. But through it all, they were both sure God had a baby for them.

A few weeks ago they got a call that would change everything.

A call that would make the waiting and the tears and the heartache all worth it.

A baby girl was waiting in a hospital for Tim and Wendy.

Earlier that day, her brave birth mother had delivered her and made the choice for adoption. But she didn't have a plan and she hadn't chosen a family yet. That day she viewed a dozen prospective adoptive families and none was the perfect fit…until she heard about Tim and Wendy.

This picture of Wendy is one of my favorites. It captures the overwhelming emotions of meeting your daughter for the first time and becoming a mother.

And Tim? He brought his daughter home on Father's Day.

Wendy summed up their experience so well.  Adoption is emotional. We’ve shed a lot of tears and been through a lot. But I would do it all twenty times over for our daughter. She was so worth it.

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