Monday, February 2, 2015

Adoption Story: David and Christa

David and Christa began their adoption journey over the summer. Exactly two months after starting with Christian Adoption Consultants they were matched with an expectant family. All was going well until all of the sudden the expectant family disappeared, with no explanation. David and Christa were understandably hurt and confused. What seemed to be the perfect match had dissolved and they couldn't see what God had for them. Little did they know that just 21 days later they would be rematched with an expectant mother who needed them just as much as they needed her. And two and a half weeks later, just before Christmas, their son was born. I'll let Christa fill in the details of their beautiful story...

I hardly even know where to begin or what to say. God has been the very foundation to our whole adoption journey. Our failed match was devastating. We really dove all in and deeply loved that little girl. We still have no idea what happened to the birth family or the sweet baby. I'm not sure why god has chosen to keep this hidden from us, but I have FULL trust that it's for our good. We really love and trust God. Our life story has shown time and time again how His hand has directed us, protected us, and held us. I thought I loved God no matter what...until he didn't give us a baby. It took us going through the failed match to really dig into our foundation of faith and trust in God. I now know that I love God with or without a baby. Within days of this submission we were matched with Ashley, and within 2.5 weeks Sawyer David was born. 3 days later, he was ours.

The very moment I held Sawyer I knew he was my boy. I smelled him, felt his sweet skin, and held him; I never wanted to let him go. 4 days later I could remember his face while I was laying in bed. I could see him moving around and making faces all in my mind. My heart first attached to this little boy, and soon my mind did. Totally amazing. The emotion I feel for Sawyer is far deeper than I knew could be felt. I knew I would love him, but I don't have adequate words to describe how much.

God blessed us with a birth mom that was perfect for where we were at and we were perfect to love her right where she was at. She never once wavered. She had a family that she had already matched with back out on her when her water broke at 25 weeks... Just like we had a family back out on us. God brought us together. There have been so many moments that I can only describe as proof that God had us on the direct path to Sawyer. 

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