Thursday, May 21, 2015

Adoption Story: Shawn and Chysanthi

Shawn and Chrysanthi had a long wait to become parents. And a hard road. But the challenges they faced only strengthened their marriage, their faith, and their commitment to growing their family through adoption.

When Shawn and Chrysanthi started with Christian Adoption Consultants, they could never have anticipated the twists and turns their story would take. For months, their story was filled with waiting, and heartbreak, and then even more waiting. 

Like so many couples before them, they started to wonder if adoption was for them. If they could take much more heartbreak, and if they had the ability to continue on the journey. And, like so many couple before them, they discovered that the hope they had for their family was stronger than the disappointment they had weathered. 

It seems only fitting that their sweet daughter was born the week of Mother's Day. This year, for the first time, Mother's Day held celebration rather than mourning. More sweet than bitter. More joy than loss.

For Shawn and Chrysanthi, this year, they were parents. Chysanthi was welcomed into motherhood through the miracle of adoption. The courage and bravery of a birth mother. And the fulfillment of her hopes and dreams to become a mama.

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  1. Love and prayers to these beautiful and loving parents!


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