Friday, May 29, 2015

Adoption Story: Zach and Sarah

Zach and Sarah started with Christian Adoption Consultants late last fall. After adopting their first son from Rwanda, they fell even more in love with adoption and wanted to pursue adopting in the United States.

"We believe that adoption is a beautiful journey, but we know that the journey is often difficult and harder than anticipated."

Zach and Sarah wrote that last October, and didn't know how true those words would be come spring.

Just three months after starting with CAC, Zach and Sarah were matched with an expectant mom, due in April with a little boy. For months Zach and Sarah planned and prepared for this little guy. But just days before his due date, things began to unravel with that adoption plan.

While waiting to know what would happen with their adoption, Sarah shared, "We've been very upset but God has always reminded us that He has a good plan for our family and only wants His best for us. I've been able to honestly say that God is good, even in the midst of our pain." 

The phone call that every adoptive family dreads came on a Monday morning. The little guy they had planned to bring home any day would not be a part of their family. Hope was lost.

And then, not twenty minutes later, they got another call that changed everything. A little boy had been born Saturday and needed a family. And two days later they met their son.

In Sarah's words they've been "falling in love ever since" with the little boy that this whole time God knew would be the one for their family.

Zach and Sarah were right. Their adoption was harder than anticipated. But it was a beautiful journey.

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