Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Adoption Story: Angelo and Susan

When I think of the time I had the honor of walking with Angelo and Susan on their adoption journey, I can think of nothing but passionate hope. From the moment I first met Susan, she had a fire that was contagious. Susan does nothing halfheartedly and her road to their daughter was no different. 


Angelo and Susan had been blessed with their sweet son and after tremendous loss, knew God had called them to adoption to continue to grow their family. Around this time last summer, Susan and Angelo started with Christian Adoption Consultants and were home study ready within weeks. 

Susan of course hoped for a quicker match. I began sending situations and Angelo and Susan were presented to multiple expectant families. When the weeks stretched into months and there was still no match, Susan never lost her passion for adoption, her commitment to their journey to build their family, and her fierce hope that there was a little one out there meant to be a part of their family.

And then, they were matched. It's still amazing to me how things can change in an instant. One moment Angelo and Susan were wondering if adoption would ever happen for them. If they would go another year with no baby. And then they are scrambling to make sure the nursery was ready and flights were booked. Because less than four weeks later they welcomed their beautiful daughter into the world.

And that wait that seemed so long? Susan was right all along to keep hoping. Their wait between when they were home study ready and when their daughter was born was almost nine months to the day.

Today I'm celebrating with Angelo and Susan and a proud big brother on the birth of this beautiful girl and thankful for God's promise that hope does not disappoint.

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