Thursday, June 11, 2015

Falling in Love with Stitch Fix

I've known about Stitch Fix for awhile now but didn't finally dive in until recently. The idea intrigued me. Fill out a style profile, set a price point, schedule a delivery, and voilĂ ! A personal stylist sends you a package of products picked just for you based on your tastes, budget, and lifestyle. I've had friends who love it and hate it but I think I found the secret to loving it (more on that later). My first Stitch Fix arrived yesterday, but it took me getting over a few fears before I started.

Honestly, my biggest hang up was the price. I'm used to getting most of my clothes from clearance racks at The Gap or hoping to score designer items thrifting. But here's what I've found. All of those clothes I score an amazing deal on? They sit in my closet because they don't fit exactly right or I bought them more because it was a great bargain rather than because I loved them. There's been a huge shift in my thinking to actually buy more expensive, quality clothes, but less of them. I would rather have 20 pieces of clothing I love and feel myself in than a closet full of clothes I'm not really crazy about.

And what if I hated what they picked? How is a stylist who does't know me know that I love simple and classic looks and value comfort over glam? The style profile helped with this one. It takes into account my lifestyle (more work from home than cocktail parties) and my preferences (no faux fur or leather please). And then the key? I sent them a link to my style Pinterest board AND sent a personal message to my stylist. I let her know exactly what I needed this month and a little more about me. I discovered each of my friends who hated Stitch Fix missed these key steps.

And really, how in the world can the sizing be right? Online clothes shopping has always been a crap shoot for me. But one of the things I HATE about shopping is the dressing room. Those horrifying three-way mirrors, the stack of clothes there are never enough hooks for, and saleswomen hovering outside the door. No thank you. Again the style profile saved me on this one. I was asked everything from jean length to curves to proportions. And in my very first fix, every single piece fit me perfectly!

So after this first fix, I'm a believer. The shipment arrived at my door the day I requested it. No shopping trip that took hours looking through racks... Even better, I got to try everything on at home. Jamy had a chance to give me his input and I even had a chance to see what else I had in my closet I could mix and match things with. No saleswomen hovering outside my bedroom...

I loved every single piece that came. Brandi - my stylist - had me perfectly. She even included these great reference cards for style-phobics like me who don't know how to pair outfits.

The Collective Concepts navy blouse I loved from the start along with the versatile 2 strand necklace from Bay to Baubles. The Mavi white skinny jeans and Skies are Blue coral top fit perfectly and I loved the style. But they hugged me in all the wrong places. Bummer.

One piece surprised me. Those Margaret M floral cropped pants I never would have grabbed from a rack in the store. Ever. Committed to this whole process, I tried them on and was stunned. They are more comfortable than jeans (well hello fancy yoga pants!) and I loved them.

So in the end, I kept 3 out of 5 pieces in my first Fix. I paid a $20 styling fee when my items were shipped which went towards my purchase. They were all priced between $34 and $98: more than clearance racks and thrifts stores for sure but better quality and things I love. (AND if I had decided to keep each item, I get a whopping 25% off.) I simply returned the others in a prepaid envelope and dropped it back in the mail. As my kids would say, "easy peasy." I also gave detailed feedback on each item when I checked out so next time around will be even better.

This is genius. I get to pin outfits I like every once in a while, grab a box from the doorstep, and try on clothes in my own home. Purchasing them takes a few clicks rather than running into the store with two kids who could win eye roll competitions. It was so magical I scheduled my next fix to arrive in less than a month this time...

Wanna try Stitch Fix yourself? Getting started is easy: just go to my referral link and create a style profile. The great thing about Stitch Fix is when you share your referral, you get credit towards your fix. Win/win.

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