Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Adoption Story: Andrew and Lauren

Andrew and Lauren decided to embark on a new adventure at the start of 2015. Just two weeks into the new year, they started with Christian Adoption Consultants. A friend who had recently adopted referred them knowing God had put adoption on their hearts. 

After struggling with infertility and after many prayers and support from family and friends, they felt God led them to adopt. Knowing everything happens for a reason, they dove into the home study process, eager to see what 2015 held for their family. By March they were home study ready. Immediately, I began sending them possible situations. Just weeks later, one stuck out to them and seemed like the perfect fit; they presented their profile for the first time.

And just like that, 2015 became a life-changing year. They were chosen by an expectant mama and anticipating the birth of a daughter. And on May 26th, their whole world changed when this beautiful girl was born.

And 2015 isn't over. They have holidays and family vacations. They have baby smiles and coos. They have milestones and family memories to create.

And they have years of memories to make on this adventure as a family of three. Andrew and Lauren were right. God's perfect plan was to grow their family through adoption.

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