Thursday, July 16, 2015

Adoption Story: Brad and Rebecca

This little girl is nothing short of a miracle. She was prayed for and longed for long before she was born. 

Brad and Rebecca started out on a journey to add to their family. When then began with Christian Adoption Consultants, they weren't sure what the future held but they were sure God was calling them to grow their family through adoption.

While the road was not easy, or smooth, Brad and Rebecca were always constant. Even more than that, God was faithful. The wait was longer than expected. The journey took several unexpected turns. But His grace and mercy was enough to provide just what they needed. 

Their sweet daughter was born on June 5th. And then, in an event that is incredibly rare in adoption, her adoption was finalized just 25 days later.

In a matter of 25 days they went from not knowing what would happen or how their adoption story would end to having a judge bang a gavel and declare her forever theirs. 25 days from meeting their daughter to her taking their last name.

Congratulations to Brad and Rebecca and proud big brother. I'm celebrating your daughter with you who was absolutely worth the wait.

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