Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Adoption Story: Chris and Heather

Walking with families through their adoption journeys is always an honor. Watching in anticipation as they walk through the process and a family is created is miraculous every time. But having a front row seat to a family's steadfast faith through it all - this is always something incredible and inspiring.

Chris and Heather had that kind of faith. And it started from the very beginning, when they first thought about having children...

What a journey we have had to building our family. We went through fertility treatments very soon after we got married, knowing it would be difficult to get pregnant. We had 4 failed IVF cycles. It was emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually very difficult. We knew we wanted to adopt, even before going through the treatments. We wanted to adopt for second or only child, whatever God meant for us. 

Chris and Heather got off to a fast start. But no one could have predicted the hard road they would have to walk...

We started our journey with Susan and Christian Adoption Consultants and were hopeful and excited to be adopting our baby. We knew God had a plan for us, and that he would bring us the baby we were meant to have. We were home study ready in April. We were matched with a expectant mom fairly quickly. It turned into a complex situation and we had to make the heartbreaking decision to put that baby in God’s hands and walk away. If God meant for the baby to be ours, He would work it out, if not, He would not.  My heart still breaks for that little baby, but we know He has that baby in His hands.  

During this time, as they were praying through what God had for them, I watched as Chris and Heather trusted God completely with this sweet baby and their story...

We were excited to get a call Tuesday, September 22nd about a baby girl that had already been born. The birth mother had already consented to the adoption and wanted the agency to find her baby a good family. We were excited! The situation was perfect, but we had to wait for the birth father to sign his papers as well, so we waited anxiously. We got the call Thursday, the 24th, that he signed his papers and that she was ours. We were overjoyed and thanking God!  We hopped on a plane Friday night and met her Saturday morning. We were in love!  

From the time we were home study ready, it was just over 5 months and we had our beautiful baby girl in our arms. Mia Claire, our princess.

Congratulations, Chris and Heather. It's been such an honor walking with you and watching God write your story!

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  1. I love reading these stories and makes me so excited to move forward adopting next year!


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