Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Adoption Story: Matt and Deaun

Motherhood comes in all different and beautiful ways. For DeAun, becoming a mom had been something she dreamed of for years. When Matt and DeAun started with Christian Adoption Consultants, they were close to giving up on that dream. But some dreams never die.

DeAun shares the story of how her dream to become a mother came true through the gift of adoption...

As I sit here in bed, with my  four week old daughter lying next to me, I remember how I used to wonder how will I feel when I become a mom. Going on this joy ride called adoption definitely brought Matt and I closer together these last three and a half years. We were both able to stay strong for the other (we joke that we took turns "losing it!")

Adoption is not easy. It’s definitely not for the weak and weary. Working as an ultrasound technologist, I am often asked if I have kids. "No, we are unable to have children, but it’s okay because we are adopting." I won’t miss saying that sentence anymore...

When we got the call that we were matched, we were happy but it seemed to take a bit for it to sink in. And then, just a few weeks later, our daughter was here! A text, "It’s a girl! 9 pounds, 1 ounce, 20 ½ inches long" would change our lives forever.

It would be hours later when we stepped into a hospital room and met our daughter for the first time. For months I had researched, studied, and listened to everyone around me regarding the first time they saw their child. I don't remember many specifics about that moment, but I remember the first words I ever spoke over her: “I love you so much." 

It didn't take long to be inaugurated into mommyhood by the christening of spit up and dirty diapers. Yep, I was definitely a mom now! I was amazed that during this time I found out that I can do a lot of things one handed and how I felt rested even though my nights were full of wakefulness. But I don't mind. These were the nights I prayed for: nights with little sleep but lots of snuggles.

I always knew that God intended me to be a mom and now feel so at peace with our daughter. I know that our family is complete and I couldn’t be happier. This precious girl is going to know that this family loves her so very much. Even though our adoption is kind of a closed one, she is going to know that somebody else loved her first. When she is grown, I want her to feel like she can love and appreciate what her birthmother did for her. 

So as I sit here with my beautiful daughter sleeping next to me, I feel like a mom.

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