Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Adoption Story: Joe and Jill

Joe and Jill began with Christian Adoption Consultants in February and had their home study in hand in March. Just three and a half months later they heard about a sweet baby girl who had just been born. It didn't take long for Joe and Jill to know this little girl, states away, was meant to be a part of their family.

Adoption can be challenging. Adding a NICU stay can add even more struggles for an adoptive family. Joe and Jill sought to walk through it all with their eyes on the Lord, remembering that our own journey of faith has it's own ups and downs too. I love Jill's thoughts she shared with me about their time in the hospital...

She has some good days (or parts of good days), and then, WHOMP! A big set back.  And as Joe and I continue to be patient and loving, never giving up on her, I am constantly reminded that the Lord is oh so patient with me, and loving me when I am one big ball of messed up, needy, completely dependent flesh. He never gives up!  He loves me through the struggle to leave behind baggage of my past. He cradles me as I fight against current temptations and holds me close when the day is at its darkest. Like the Jesus Culture song says, “One thing remains. Your love never fails, it never gives up; it never runs out on me.” There He goes again, bringing circumstances to my life to teach me about Him, to make me remember His commitment to me, and to remind me of the great hope and Life I now have because of Him.

Yes, adoption is challenging. But Joe and Jill patiently walked through it with their little one, knowing that God would not leave their side.

As we’ve had Sarah home, we’ve had lots of family and friends visiting. Without knowing the details of her story, everyone (and I mean everyone) says, “Oh she’s so lucky to have you guys!” In that moment, I think of all the Lord has taught me through her already, smile, and reply, “Oh, but we are so blessed to have her!”

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