Friday, October 21, 2016

Adoption Story: Tyler and Casey

When God asks you to do something, it's rare that it makes sense in the beginning. It's scary and unknown and risky. It can even feel unfair and like God isn't near or listening. And then, when you're on the other side of it all, you look back and realize God was in the timing and the details from the very beginning. That was Tyler and Casey's story...

Tyler and I had been married about 3 years when we felt like God was laying it on our hearts to start a family. We had talked about adoption ever since we had been engaged, but it was always a "someday" idea. We started trying for a biological child. We went on to get a diagnosis of unexplained infertility and went through several fertility treatments, medications, and a surgery. After 2 years of treatments, we had exhausted all of our fertility options without doing IVF. We never did get a diagnosis of what the problem was and were told our only option at this point was to pursue IVF. Without IVF, we had less than a 10% chance of ever conceiving. At this point, we were completely drained emotionally and physically. We knew God had laid on our hearts to have a family, but we felt Him shutting the door on pursuing any further fertility treatments. At this point we heard God telling us that our "someday" of adoption was now. The day that we found out our last infertility treatment had failed, I made a phone call to Christian Adoption Consultants and the first person I spoke to was Susan. We started the paperwork with CAC and our social worker to get homestudy approved. This was October of 2015. We completed our homestudy paperwork and everything was approved in February of 2016. 

We started seeing profiles of adoptive mothers and prayed over each situation on whether or not this was the expectant mother God wanted us to connect with. Late in March we presented to an expectant mother, but didn't hear anything back from the lawyer for a couple weeks. Eventually the mother came back to the lawyer and said that she wanted to have a phone call with us. The phone call was scheduled on April 1st. My grandfather died early in the morning onApril 1st and then we had the phone call with the expectant mother that evening. April 4th was my grandfather's funeral and as I was sitting in the service, I cried out to God and prayed that if this was supposed to be the baby we were supposed to be matched with, that He would let us know that day. As soon as we walked out the doors of the church, we got the email saying we had been matched! 

We flew down to Florida at the end of April for a long weekend to meet the expectant mother, got to go to an ultrasound with her, and then went to lunch and spent several hours talking. Conversation flowed easily and we made plans to come back down in July when the baby was due. We went down to Florida a couple weeks before the due date and waited for baby girl to be born. Our daughter was born on July 14th!

One of the crazy details is that our daughter was conceived the week we started the adoption paperwork. God knows our hearts and desires and knew of my disappointment of not getting to tell my grandpa we had a baby on the way. He cares about the details of our story and we felt such peace about the adoption because of this specific prayer. I never got to tell my grandpa about this baby, but God knew the exact timing that needed to happen for our story. 

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