Thursday, November 17, 2016

How to Use Essential Oils When You're Feeling Ugh

'Tis the season for the yuck being passed around. UGH. So I wanted to share with you all about how we use our essential oils to combat this nastiness. Since we started using oils, we've all visited the doctor way less (yay for saving on copays!) and been MUCH healthier. When I feel something coming on (or notice Jamy or the kids feeling crummy), I run to our cabinet with the oils first!

I this it's important to note that anyone who tells you that oils are a magical unicorn and they're the only thing you ever need to help you is just silly. Our family still takes vitamins, drinks extra water, and tries to maintain healthy sleeping and eating habits. Oils are an incredible tool in our toolbox, but they coincide best when used with a holistic frame of mind.

So, here's how I use what's in our Premium Starter Kit from Young Living.

If I'm feeling stuffy, I put a drop of Peppermint in my palms, rub my hands together and then inhale deeply for 4-5 breaths. Stay away from fingers, as you don't want peppermint oil in the eye. (If that does happen, simply put a dab of coconut oil and wipe away. Oil takes oil off, not water.)

One of my favorites is using RC on the chest for some lung support. Usually, I have this already made up in a glass jar with a lid, labeled Chest Rub. I put 5 drops of RC per heaping tablespoon of coconut oil in the jar and keep it on hand. It's better to have things pre made so you aren't doing this while in the stressful times of caring for others! Pre game when you can, you guys.

This little roller is what I swear by just as soon as I feel something coming on. In a 10mL roller bottle (you can get these from Amazon!) I add 4 drops of Thieves, 3 drops of Peppermint, and 1 drop of Frankincense and fill the rest with fractionated coconut oil. (For added punch you can add 3 drops of Oregano). Every hour I roll this either on my feet or up and down the spine.

For throat support, I rub a little Lemon or Thieves (with a carrier oil like coconut oil) right on my throat. I even gargle a drop of lemon in some salt water. Isabelle loves making herself hot tea with a drop of Thieves, Lemon, and some honey. It's so soothing!

If I'm feeling toasty, I'll put peppermint up and down the spine hourly until I feel better. If you're out of Peppermint, try PanAway. Both are minty and do the trick.

With occasional aches and pains, I would use one drop of Copaiba oil on the ache and then PanAway or Peppermint on top. Minty oils are known to be "sealing" or "driving-in/amplifying" oils, so I do those last if doing oily combos.

I love running the diffuser in the house, especially when we're battling things. In the diffuser, running constantly (especially in bedrooms at night!), I add 4 drops Thieves, 2 drops Frankincense. If it's a puke fest around the house, I add a couple of drops of purification in there to cut the smell and clear the air!

Speaking of occasional tummy troubles, there's an amazing essential oil blend in the kit called DiGize (I've talked about how this oils has been a life-saver for me here). I really can't say enough about this oil! I put 3 or 4 drops in a capsule and fill the rest with fractionated coconut oil. It settles my stomach so much better than anything else I've tried. It's no secret that ginger and fennel are great for this, but I guess I didn't believe it until it worked for me in this way. The capsule trick worked for me. You can also rub DiGize right below the sternum. Beware, you will smell like a fennel festival. I'm not a fan o the smell, so I just go the capsule route or apply at night so only Jamy has to bear it!

I also put a drop of thieves in my mouth, under my tongue from time to time, or even put it on the tooth brushes to sanitize. If it's too spicy for you, try lemon instead! 

I like using the lavender in the kit to promote a more restful nights sleep. Here's my recipe for a simple sheet and pillow spray: in a 4 ounce glass bottle, add a pinch of salt (this helps distribute the oils so that they don't all float to the top. I still shake before each use). Then I add 5-10 drops lavender essential oil and fill the rest with water. Simple, easy, and so restful!

You can always put all these oils on the feet, focusing on the toes and adding pressure. (I pinch the toes for 10 seconds.) Below is a foot map if you're wondering why I do that, but don't worry about location as much as just getting it on your body! Isn't it crazy how God connected our bodies?!

Anyway, I hope that helps you as work through the more unpleasant parts of the fall and winter season. As much as we all do our best to avoid it, sometimes it's an inevitable part of being a human.

Don't have a kit and want to add to your wellness toolbox? Email me for more info or start here to order! Here's a pic of everything that comes with your starter kit along with FREE Christmas Spirit this month! (Think all the smells of Christmas wrapped up in a little bottle to diffuse in your home this season.) $160 for the kit worth over $250. (Merry Christmas to you just a bit early!)

You can find more on @bella.b.oils on instagram and Bella B Oils on Facebook. Follow along for education and tips.

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