Wednesday, September 30, 2015

About Those Essential Oils

So we finally did it. Our family jumped on the essential oil train. 

I had heard so much about essential oils and if you want my honest initial response: I thought it was hooey. You know by know that we're far from a health conscious, natural, organic family. We use prescription medication, buy dryer sheets, and (gasp!) eat at McDonald's sometimes often. So when I first heard about essential oils I knew immediately it wasn't for our family and put it in the same category as fairy dust and unicorns.

But then I started hearing more about them, the benefits of using oils, and smart friends (who didn't believe in fairy dust) using them. To be honest, when I started I relied heavily on my intelligent friends and all of the research they did (you know how we all have those friends who read all the papers, do all the digging, and then we go to them for the Cliff notes?), it started to make sense.

I decided to learn more for myself and it was amazing what I found (less like hocus pocus and more actual scientific studies) about how essential oils have been used for thousands of years for health and wellness and even cleaning. Essential oils are simply distilled and highly concentrated plant components.  And with our skin being the largest organ of our body, applying a concentrated oil can reach body systems quickly and effectively.

So, I took the plunge and got the premium starter kit last year (because really, the kit had all of the oils I wanted, a diffuser, and was by far the best value). I decided to purchase them from Young Living because their oils some of the purest and most concentrated on the market (not like a brand you can grab from the grocery store that's watered down or has fillers).

I immediately started using them and I was surprised how quickly they became a part of our family's routine. And here's the crazy thing: we actually rely on many oils for our health and wellness around our house now. You can hear me holler at the kids to go get their oil on often and as soon as there's a hint of a stuffy nose or a ache or pain, I run straight to our cabinet where the oils are kept. 

Here's a few ways I use some of our favorites:

We love lavender for our whole crew to help with sleep. We all sleep better when we diffuse this in the bedroom or put in on the back of our neck. 
I just discovered wool laundry balls for the dryer (this paired with my homemade laundry soap now makes me a true hippie). I thought I would miss the scent of dryer sheets but I add a drop of Purification and the laundry smells glorious (and is deodorized!) and the wool balls literally cut the drying time in half. 
Peppermint and Digize do wonders for the digestive system and Digize has literally changed my life. I was suffering with issues for over a decade and have found incredible wellness through this oil. If this was the only oil I has discovered through Young Living this whole thing would be worth it. (We also love using Peppermint for an extra burst of energy and have found it helps with tension related aches.) 
I love using Frankincense and Tea Tree Oil with my facial serum for clear and smooth skin. Truly, my face has never felt so soft! (OK - maybe it felt like this when I was 10 but the appreciation was definitely not there...) 
The moment someone sniffles or complains of a sore throat, I go straight to the Thieves oil and put in on their chest and feet. I could feel the yuck coming on this past weekend and began using it immediately. Within just a few hours I felt good as new. Thieves for the win. 
And remember my broken foot last year? The one that took FOREVER and a day to heal? When I started rubbing Panaway with coconut oil on my heal daily it helped a ton with my healing and recovery.

Those are just a few of the oils we use. It's been fun to learn and discover what works for our family and empowering to think I can turn to natural products for our health and wellness. We're still learning around here, and the great thing about Young Living is there's a whole slew of people in the same boat sharing and learning together.

So, there you go. I became a hippie last year and you didn't even know it. 

And just in case you want to become a hippie too and join in the journey, you can follow these step-by-step instructions and get yourself your own starter kit:
  • Go to this Sign-Up Page
  • Please make sure you've checked Young Living wholesale member (not retail customer---you won't get wholesale prices as a customer--it's a 24% discount and I promise you're not signing up for a cult or signing up to sell anything.)
  • Double check that the Sponsor ID and Enroller ID are both showing 2341020
  • Fill out your info and make sure you include your email! I can invite you to a private FB group filled with a ton of help to get started.
  • Select your kit ($160 premium starter kit is the best value--over a $500 retail value!)
  • You can choose to sign up for Essential Rewards if you want (it means you commit to ordering $50/month and you get reduced shipping. We use this because it keeps me current on my oils, I can accrue points for free product, and it helps me try new products for our family. But you can opt out of this now or at any time.)
  • You're all set!  

Also, if you happen to be local to Kansas City, I'll be hosting a make and take Monday, November 2nd at my place. You can come learn more about the oils and even make a few things to take home. Message me if you want more info!

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