Friday, September 18, 2015

Adoption Story: JT and Jill

JT and Jill will be some of the first to tell you that their life didn't turn out as planned. After being married for six years, with ten sweet babies in Heaven, and two years on an adoption journey, still having an empty nursery was not what they had dreamed for their family.

JT and Jill worked with me through Christian Adoption Consultants and I can't tell you what an honor it was to watch as they trusted Jesus with their journey. I'll let Jill tell you their story...

Life has not turned out as we planned...(but) God has taken our dreams and made them oh so much better! Six years, ten babies lost, two years on the adoption journey and after presenting to our 17th birth momma...on 7/17/15 Kade Isaac was born! All along the Lord continually reminds us that his promise is not that there will not be any pain but that in the pain He will give us hope and in the waiting he will give us patience and joy, just when we think we cannot endure another second. The Father that has loved us all along the difficult and scary journey says, "its time!"

May of this year, on a Sunday night, through tears and sobs I told the Lord "No more - I can't do this. My heart can't hurt any more, I can't cry any more tears, I can't hear the words 'she picked another family' again...please give us another assignment."  I was ready to stop the adoption journey.  We had just read a birth mom profile that night and although we were interested the cost was just too high...we felt so defeated!

Then a "suddenly" happened, just after Mother's Day! That Wednesday we discovered the cost had been lowered so we decided to ask to be presented...this was the 17th expectant mom we had presented to and we tried to not get our hopes up.  We asked to be presented that morning, we were presented that afternoon, and that night we got the call that were chosen that night we were having our first phone conversation with our birth momma! WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!

It was a beautiful whirlwind the next two months and when our birth momma let us know that she wanted us to be in the delivery room (c-section) we could hardly believe it.  A miraculous thing happened as we each held a hand as she had her epidural and held her hand though the birth. God intertwined heaven and earth, knitted hearts together and humbled us like we have never been humbled before.  

(Adoption) is such a wonderful picture of salvation; a gift so priceless it cannot be earned and one we do not deserve but receive with open arms!  

Special thanks to Amber Hogan Photography for these adorable pictures.

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