Thursday, September 24, 2015


It's hard to ignore all the media surrounding Planned Parenthood this summer. No matter where you land in this movement, I'd venture to say the videos that have emerged are upsetting and disturbing to say the least.

This week, a new hashtag has emerged, #shoutyourabortion, encouraging women to share their positive experiences with abortion. It's heartbreaking reading each celebratory hashtag and knowing each one represents such heartache and loss.

In response, a new hashtag was born. #shoutyouradoption is being broadcasted all over social media honoring women (and men) who have bravely and courageously chose life. In a world that celebrates death and selfishness along with comfort and ease, a movement has been born celebrating selflessness and love.

Last night, my Facebook page exploded with my adoptive families proclaiming to the world that adoption is redemption. That choosing life is an amazing sacrificial gift. That littles ones are meant to be celebrated and welcomed. I walk with amazing families every day who are amazing testaments to God's grace and the fact that love makes a family.

Here's just a few of the amazing posts. Search #shoutyouradoption for yourself and celebrate life and love and see how families have stepped into the brokenness of our world and honored brave women who choose life for their little ones.

If it weren't for our incredibly brave birth mother choosing life for her baby, we wouldn't have our family. Today, I just am reflecting on how grateful we are that she blessed us with such a gift, and that she knew adoption is an option! #shoutyouradoption  - Amy

This beautiful boy is 9 months old today! There aren't words to describe the miracle he is to us! We are so in love with him and will forever be grateful for his birth mom for choosing life for him. And we will love her always for choosing us to be his parents! She made a brave, selfless, sacrificial choice! SHE. CHOSE. LIFE.#adoptionisbeautiful #shoutyouradoption  - Christa

I will forever be grateful to the woman that chose life for our daughter. Plenty of friends and family told her to "just get an abortion," and that it would be over. But she chose bravery in choosing life. She chose a future for her daughter that offered redemption. She chose to set aside her desires and choose what was best for the little girl she was carrying. She made a choice that will bless my heart for eternity. 

Tonight I'm joining in a revolution! My dear friends,#adoptionisredemption. God's plan for these babies goes further than we can even imagine! Tonight I'm joining hands with those that have been blessed by adoption and celebrating those brave women who have and will choose life! #shoutyouradoption#adoptionisbeautiful  - Amanda

While we don't have our baby in our arms yet, we pray each day for our babies birth mom. She is choosing life. She is choosing love. She is brave. She is an intricate part of our lives even in this moment. #shoutyouradoption   - Joy

Because another woman selflessly chose #life. As I look at my precious son, I am forever grateful for her sacrifice and bravery in choosing to give him a future. I love her for loving him, and I celebrate all the other women who have made the same choice. 

I'm joining many of my friends in the adoption community to #shoutyouradoption tonight. Our lives have been forever blessed by adoption and the amazing women who chose not to #shoutyourabortion#adoptionisbeautiful  - Lily

A birth mother and an adoptive mother are both mothers. So incredibly thankful for Isaac's brave and selfless birth mother who loves him fiercely and chose life for him. We love her so much and are thankful she will always be a part of our lives.  #shoutyouradoption #adoptionisbeautiful #openadoption #babyisaac  - Kennerly

I will forever be grateful for the woman who chose LIFE for this tiny miracle! God has blessed us immensely and Emery is proof that God makes beauty from ashes! There are better option than abortion and my Sirus Emerson is LIVING proof! ‪#‎shoutyouradoption‬ - Ashley

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