Friday, September 4, 2015

40 Feet Up

We had a pit stop at Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga today.

We were on the road and Jamy just turned to me and said, "we should go zip lining when we reach Tennessee." After a quick google search we found an ariel ropes course and a zip line that lasted most of our afternoon. It wasn't the plan but it was a great adventure (welcome to our life right now). 

I loved watching the kids on the course. Jackson was a rockstar. He's a little American Ninja Warrior in training so he blazed the trail ahead of us with no fear and our guide had to tell him to wait up. And Isabelle: she was brave. She was scared and unsure but she kept going. There are few times I'm been more proud of her. Both of them showed determination and perseverance on a course designed for adults (they made allowances for them to be some of the youngest there ever).

I was 40 feet up and trying to be brave as my kids watched me on a tightrope and I was struck at how much this mirrors our life right now. Crazy scary, lots ahead of us that's unknown, and reminding myself to take just the next step: the one right in front of me. If I look down I'll be completely paralyzed, if I stay in one place I'll start to get shaky, and if I look around I'll get distracted. 

If I bail I'll miss out on the adventure ahead. 

So helmets and gear on. It's time to suit up for an adventure...

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