Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Adoption Story: Ryan and Regina

Sometimes it's knowing how to carry your heart that gets you through.

I've worked with many families on their journey to adoption with Christian Adoption Consultants. A lot of families believe the key to adopting is doing everything perfectly: having the right kind of profile, working with the right people, even being the "right" kind of family. Although there's absolute truth in being able to create a profile that tells your story and working with the right professionals (and really no truth in a certain kind of family), it's actually much simpler than that.

A key factor in families having a good adoption process is the way they carry their hearts through it all. A positive attitude, a constant trust in Jesus, and flexibility to allow for change make a world of difference. Although a couple never really knows what to expect, these characteristics make things go so much smoother. It can save a tremendous amount of heartache acknowledging that God is in control and all things always work for our good and his glory.

Ryan and Regina were amazing examples of this. They had a long road to parenthood.  But every single time Regina and I talked, she was always full of joy and had an incredibly gracious heart and attitude. There was a constant trust in Jesus' care for their family; knowing his timing and his plan would be best. And with that trust came a peace and contentment in their path to adoption. Ryan and Regina were able to be flexible and fluid; when things changed (or stayed stagnant for awhile), they rested in God's sovereign and perfect plan.

On a Saturday in August Ryan and Regina were matched with a courageous expectant mom. A mama who thought and prayed and dreamed of a family for her son. And that next Friday, just days later their son was born. The son that had been prayed and dreamed over by a couple across the county who would later have him in their arms for a lifetime.

I've seen God time and time again honor a couple's decision to trust him to be enough for them in a season of longing to become parents. This sweet little man will grow up in a home where I'm sure there will still be grace and patience and faith.

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