Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Adoption Story: Joshua and Kendra

So often, the times we think our dreams are dying are the exact times God is working behind the scenes on events we simply don't know about yet. And sometimes, on the other side of the story, when we piece it all together, we realize our dreams pale in comparison to the ones God has for us. Today Kendra shares her adoption story, a beautiful example of forgotten dreams, steadfast prayers, and hope that can only come from God.

God placed the desire to adopt in our spirits before we ever had any children. After having two biological boys we thought we were done growing our family.

That was until I started to have dreams of a little girl. I would have them on multiple occasions and they became very vivid. God began to awaken us again to adopt after six years of infertility and what seemed like a dream that would never become real. 

After searching the internet, talking with adoptive parents and making many phone calls, I felt confused and overwhelmed by the choices and different avenues of adoption. It wasn't until I came across Christian Adoption Consultants and spoke with Susan, that I finally felt peace and that this really could work. Susan was amazing; she took the guess work out and made the steps towards adoption doable and make sense. 

We began our adoption journey with CAC in early December. We were home study ready by the end of January and matched for adoption by February 26th. We had a feeling once we said "yes" to adoption that God would take care of the rest. We knew that it could go quick or take some time. I really looked at the time spent in process as God's confirmation that we were right in the center of His will.  We had generous donors, extra pay raises, and an entire nursery donated and so much more in those few short months. 

We had set in our minds that we would lean on the Lord for every "yes" and "no" which proved to be built in his perfect plan. There were so many "God" moments, or, what I like to call them, "kisses" along the way. We found out the day we had our Home Study visit that our social worker received a call from our daughter's birth mom for the very first time asking about adoption. Only God works out things like that...

Our daughter Violet was born on Palm Sunday, April 9th, a day that we reflect and remember the Hope and triumphal entry of our King Jesus.  What more could be said about adoption than "redemption?" God redeemed what had been taken away and He did it with love. We had our daughters' name picked out for two years. The week we brought her home from the hospital our yard and neighborhood was blooming in violets of every shade. Just another confirmation that this was the design of the Creator. We are still breathing in the goodness of God. 

Those years of infertility and what seemed to be a dream that had died, all make sense now. Without the wait, without the learning years, without the trusting we would not be holding our beautiful daughter Violet! 

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