Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Adoption Story: Spencer and Mackensie

What happens when you let go of your version of control and your fears and let God take over? Read the story of how this sweet boy came to Spencer and Mackenzie...

Spencer and I had always planned on adopting, but our official adoption journey began in July of 2016. 

We had some dear family friends who had just recently adopted, so they directed us to Susan at Christian Adoption Consultants. We had an amazing phone call with her where she answered a bunch of our questions, and we hired her the next day! We both just dove head first into choosing a home study agency, getting pictures together for our profile book, so by October, we were ready to start presenting to expectant birth mothers.

We presented our profile a handful of times before being matched with our son’s birth mother (M) in January. I still will never forget the day that Susan called me and told me that we had been matched. We were able to have a phone call with M that following week and flew out to meet her and her boyfriend in February. It was truly amazing to feel the peace that God gave us after both of these times with her. 

She scheduled a c-section for the middle of March and decided that she wanted me to be in the room with her. We truly felt like our dreams and hopes were finally being set into place. 

On March 1st, Spencer left to go on a work trip in Belize with his office. I jokingly said to him that the baby would probably come while he was gone, and, sure enough, M’s caseworker called me at 8:30 that evening and said that M was in labor. It was a whirlwind of getting a hold of Spencer, packing, and getting to the airport, but by the next evening, we had our son in our arms. We were able to spend some time with M that first day and the day that she signed. She is truly our hero, and, while we only have a semi-open adoption, she will forever hold a place of importance and presence in our family. She is the woman who made us parents, and we love her with our whole hearts. 

We made it back home after 2 weeks, and, all of a sudden, we had this baby in the nursery that we had put together during our home study. It was a beautiful moment for us, and I’m so thankful that we allowed God to say, “This is your plan. This is what I’ve called you to do.”

Spencer and I are both planners, so when I look at our adoption journey, what I think is the most amazing part of our journey is seeing how we slowly released our version of control, what we thought we wanted, and completely let go. Adoption can easily be accompanied with a lot of fear: fear of the unknown, fear of saying yes when you don’t have all of the answers. Our view shifted to where instead of being fearful, we turned that scary unknown into a hopeful promise. We knew that God had already hand picked our baby for us. We knew, that despite any unknown circumstances that surrounded a profile, He had already ironed out the details. When we were matched with our precious boy, God truly took away our fears and just let us enjoy the good and His promises. 

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