Thursday, August 10, 2017

Adoption Story: Lynn and Alisa

Lynn and Alisa were such a joy to work with! Their steadfast hope and faith in God were so evident throughout their entire adoption journey. They had walked a long, hard road before they called me in September. But is was just three months later they were matched and one month later when their son was born.

Adoption has brought us to a higher level of trust in God. We often have a false sense of being in control of our lives and for us, adoption emphasized our need to let go of our idea of what should be and let God work. There were many times along the way that we seriously questioned whether we had mistaken His calling to adopt: when we waited and waited and waited…and waited some more.  When we finally matched only to experience the disappointment of a failed match. When we presented time and again thinking: This is it…the timing is perfect/the situation is in our comfort zone/the location is ideal. Surely this is THE ONE God has planned for us, but finding out that is wasn’t when we experienced a second failed match. But each time, God gently admonished us to trust His heart – He had called us on this journey for a reason. When we matched again, we admit to doubting from time to time because there were many kinks in the process from our first call with the birth mother until our clearance to come home, but God worked them out in His time – often at the last minute (which was hard on our emotions, but strengthening for our faith). 

After grieving our second failed match, we decided to broaden our options and stumbled across Susan and Christian Adoption Consultants. We had fresh hope and more importantly, an experienced, compassionate, unbiased consultant to guide us. As it turns out, our successful adoption came through our original path and wasn’t a direct result of our hiring Christian Adoption Consultants. But we were extremely grateful for Susan as the situation took some unexpected turns and had some risks that made us appreciate Susan’s experience with all involved in the adoption triad.  In the end, the decisions were up to us but she did help us view the whole situation rather than just our side of it. Having her support during those stressful times of decision making was a huge blessing for us.

While we often wondered why things were going the way they were, in the end, we don’t have to know why. The joy of loving our son dims the heartache and stress of the journey. From the bottom of our joyful and thankful hearts, we can testify that God is faithful.  

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