Thursday, August 3, 2017

Adoption Story: Nathan and Ashley

Nathan and Ashley spent years on the road to parenthood. Nothing went as planned. Nothing seemed to be working. Until everything seemed to come together exactly the way God had planned from the very beginning...

Our journey to parenthood was nothing like we had dreamed or imagined it would be. Years of heartache, brokenness, and daily struggles filled our lives as we tried to grow our family. After several doctor visits, multiples procedures, and one failed fertility treatment after another, we knew God was telling us to close that door, and another one would open. Many days and months of prayers led us to adoption, specifically leading us to Susan with Christian Adoption Consultants. From the moment we spoke with Susan, we knew that this was the path God was leading us to grow our family. Susan answered any questions we had, and gave us a sense of security as we embarked on our adoption journey. For the first time in months we had a feeling of hope, and truly felt God’s story unfolding.  

We signed with CAC late October, were home study approved in December and began presenting our profile book in January. After two heartbreaking “no’s” we were matched with our sweet Mama B in late February, who was due in late June. Over the next few months we spent our time building our relationship with her and the birth father. We developed a love for them both that is indescribable. They are the two individuals who chose life for their sweet baby, made the most selfless decision, and made us parents. 

On June 15, ten days before Mama B’s due date, we got the phone call that would forever change our lives. Mama B was in labor, and was headed to the hospital.  After driving through the night, and 17 hours later, we arrived at the hospital where Mama B and our sweet baby boy had been born hours before. We got to spend quality time with her while she shared the story of our son’s birth with us. We then were able to go to the NICU, where the sweetest nurse met us at the door, and handed us the most precious, amazing, little boy. The moment we laid eyes on him, our lives were forever changed.  We cried, laughed, and simply couldn’t stop smiling. We knew at that moment that those months and years of heartache were all worth it. 24 hours after his birth, papers were signed, and Mama B was discharged and would go home. It was one of the most bittersweet feelings that we’d ever felt. Our greatest joy, was one of her toughest and saddest moments. We hugged her, loved her, and prayed for her as she had just made one of the toughest most selfless decisions of her life.

At that moment, Calloway John Cohee became ours, and we were finally a family of three. The tears we had cried, the days we had asked God “why”, the heartache we experienced was all worth it.  God’s timing is always perfect, not always easy, but perfect indeed.

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