Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Adoption Story: Kristie

It's an honor to share this story on the blog today. Kristie and her sweet daughter hold a special place in my heart. I can still remember the first time I finally met Kristie and Bria for the first time face to face. When they walked into my living room for one of my family reunions, it took one look at each other to both break down in tears remembering God's goodness to bring Bria into her life...

My adoption journey began in June of 2015. That’s around the time I sent Susan an email. I was ready to start the journey. Adoption was a big step for me. I had always believed I would be a mama and for a long time I knew adoption was the plan. When I started the adoption journey, it was a new experience. I didn’t know what to expect and the situations were hard to navigate. I wasn’t sure what factors I could handle. I kept passing up situations because they just didn’t feel right or there were things about the situations I just didn’t know if I could handle. 

So… I waited… 

The school year came and went. I presented to a couple of situations that I was comfortable with. However, they just didn’t feel certain. In July, Susan sent a situation via email. I prayed. It was a situation I probably wouldn’t have presented to in the past. I knew God was telling me I needed to step out if faith. I emailed the agency and asked a few questions. There wasn’t a response for several days. I knew they were presenting profiles to this expectant Mama on Friday. I got an answer to those questions on Friday. I felt I was being called  to have trust Him and start considering factors I wouldn’t have been open to before. I emailed the agency back and said I definitely wanted to present. They needed all my information. I scrambled around all morning emailing my profile and my home study. I was confident this might be my daughter. No less than two hours after getting all of that done, the phone rang. It was a different agency in a different state. I answered the phone and the woman on the other end said, “Kristie, this is Katherine. I wanted to let you know you’ve been matched.” I shook… I cried… I didn’t even really hear the rest of what she said!

You see, I didn’t even know my profile was being presented that day. I remembered the situation. Susan had sent me an email and I had asked to present, but was not able to as the expectant mama would deliver in her home state. For legal reasons I was not able to present to her. Somewhere in between, things changed.  I remember Katherine saying, “Your profile just kept coming across my desk. Before I took the profiles over to the expectant mama’s apartment on a last minute feeling, I put yours in the stack. There were fifteen couples along with yours in the stack. She was very adamant: she wants you!” 

That was July 8, 2016. The day I found out I was going to be Bria’s mama. What a journey! It was a journey that strengthened my faith. All through the wait, I had a sense of calm. Everything was going to be okay. I knew when I was matched, it would be perfect. I have not been disappointed. It was such a privilege to meet Bria’s incredible, spunky, and courageous birth mama. To hug her around the neck and tell her how grateful I am for her (I hope I get that opportunity again sometime really soon). 

And… Bria is the most incredible blessing and so loved. She was meant to be my daughter. 

I don’t think the Lord puts something like adoption in your heart if you aren’t supposed to pursue it. When people ask me things like, “Don’t you wish you would have pursued adoption sooner?” (I’m single and will be 43 in September.) My answer is an emphatic no. Everything happens in God’s perfect timing. If I would have started the adoption journey at any other time, Bria wouldn’t be my daughter. I can’t imagine that!

For other women thinking if adoption is possible, being a single adoptive parent is totally doable! You are and will be enough! I don't believe the Lord puts adoption in your heart unless he wants you to pursue it. Don't worry so much about the detail of you being single: a birth mama is going to see your profile and fall in love with you. 

For everyone in the wait or considering adoption, God is for you. No matter your situation, He is faithful. Your sweet little baby is out there. It just might take some time and patience. 

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