Monday, October 22, 2012

3 Months, 20 Days

That's how long I've been blogging.  And it's been an adventure writing about my grace-filled mess of a life.

My blog is a mash up of my life:  
My passion for adoption.
My heart for my family.
My love for birth mamas.
My amazing family.
My reach for Jesus and the gospel.

And it tuns out that more people than my mother read it. My friends who read it say it has a "conversational style" (which I'm not sure is their way of coping with the ensured grammatical errors). They say reading it is like they're out with me for coffee - I like that. 

When I began to share our story, it was in a hard season. Things weren't going perfectly (even as I write that I roll my eyes because when does it go perfectly for anybody?) and I was struggling. But I felt like God was asking me to share all that we had been through.

No problem, I thought. I'll just go to Jamy, let him know what I'm thinking, and he'll shoot the idea down. I would be honoring my husband and get an easy out. No luck. He was all for sharing how God has been redeeming our marriage. [Shoot.]  

I decided from the beginning that I would use this space to be transparent and real. To tell God's story rather than mine. To share how the gospel and adoption are so intertwined they are inseparable.     

So I wrote about our life for the past year (hit the marriage label on the right for more of our story). And then I posted it. As I watched the hits build, I contemplated taking it all back. And Jamy sent me this:

He's right of course. And I found that an amazing thing happened. I was getting a lot of feedback and people sharing their own stories. And I found that as I began sharing more of the details of my story through emails and Facebook and chatting over coffee, I was also preaching the gospel to myself. Because I need to hear it just as much as I need to say it.  

Jesus is enough.

His truth is the last word.

Christ is my hope.

He is faithful even when those around me are not.

Over and over and over and over.

So if anyone is still reading, I'm glad you are. I love that this has become my little space to share the good news of a good God. Keep reading. There's more lessons I need to learn.


  1. I love reading your blog. <3 I'm a big fan of one of my favorite families...

  2. I found your blog through Christian Adoption Consultants website, and I read it because you talk about adoption and foster care. My husband and I hope to adopt in the future (he's in school AND working right now). But, I also really appreciated your post about how your church walked with you guys through your struggles. I emailed that post to *my* church, to encourage us to act more like that :)

    1. So glad you found my blog, Sarah! Praying it continues to encourage you!

  3. I read it, I love it, and I drink coffee.

    1. I'll watch your vlog and drink coffee. You read my blog and drink coffee. Win-win.


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