Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving and LIFE

This past weekend my heart exploded.

Snuggles with one of my newest littles, Norah

Some of my local clients families friends converged at my home for a meal. They all brought their families. Some kiddos biological. Some adopted. All clients through Christian Adoption Consultants. Many couldn't join us but I anticipate doing this often.

We gathered for lunch at my home.  Jamy cooked (of course) and families brought food to share. We had kids in the backyard playing in the bounce house and on the swingset. Dads in the living room laughing. Moms in the kitchen bouncing babies on their hips. All adoptive families converging to share in the goodness of God.

They are all at different points in their adoption journey. Some brought their adopted kiddos. Some are still in the process; obtaining their home study, working on their profile, or waiting for the Lord to bring them their little one.

Tim and Stacey and their daughter, Norah

I've walked closely with all of these families. For some I completed their home study and got to know their family story intimately. Some of these families I've been in delivery rooms with as I was coaching their birth mamas and crying with them at the birth of their little one. For others I've taken calls in the wee hours. For all of them I've celebrated the glorious goodness of God.

Steve, Maria, and their little guy Asher

They shared their stories with each other in my living room. Stories about their amazing birth mamas. Stories about the hard waits. Stories about the amazing timing of God.  There was much laughter and my heart was full. What I thought would be a brief get together turned into over four hours of true fellowship.  

As they were all standing in my kitchen, introducing themselves to each other, I was amazed at what each family represented  Each of them has responded to God with a resounding "YES!" to LIFE.  I had to choke back the tears as I was thanking God for our food and for the families around my table that day. Families willing to sacrifice, willing to open their home, and willing to walk the hard road of adoption.

These families (those pictured here and my others scattered across the U.S.), teach me daily what the gospel looks like.  

Thank you dear friends. I'm honored to walk with you.


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