Thursday, March 19, 2015

Adoption Story: Chad and Kristin

After adopting their daughter several years earlier, Chad and Kristin had decided to hope for a miracle again and trusted God to guide their path to build their family even further. But after a failed match they were left wondering what their future held. When they started with Christian Adoption Consultants in November they had been through a lot.

But Chad and Kristin knew that adoption can be a roller coaster and decided to hold on for the hard ride. They knew God had called them to continue growing their family through adoption and that he would be faithful. They knew in the end the roller coaster would be worth the ride.

Just three months later, at the end of January, an expectant mother chose them. She was having a girl and wanted her daughter to have a big sister. She also knew Chad and Kristen shared a special relationship with their daughter's birth family and desired the same thing.

And then, four weeks later, Chad and Kristin welcomed their second daughter into the world. These sweet sisters get to grow up together, both with adoptive and birth families who love them like crazy.

Looking back at the ride they've taken as a family, Chad and Kristin are thankful they held on and didn't get off too soon. In the end, God had a perfect plan for all four of them. 

And really, the glorious ride is just beginning.

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