Thursday, March 12, 2015

Adoption Story: Eric and Stacia

Eric and Stacia hoped it was in God's plan for them to become parents. But the road hasn't been easy. They had talked about adoption since before they were married and planned to adopt after having biological children. Last year it became clear that God was calling them the let go of the dream of how they had always imagined they would become parents and embrace his.

So, they took the first step. They started with Christian Adoption Consultants last August and got their home study done in record time by September. Over the next several months they prayed over multiple expectant mothers, wondering if each one was meant to be a fit for their family.

Then in January they heard about a little guy who had just been born and needed a family. Within minutes they were all in. In those moments they didn't know if he was meant to be theirs, or if he was the dream God was going to fulfill, but their "yes" was on the table and they were ready.

I called them Friday with the news that they had ben chosen to be his forever family. Sunday night they flew across the county and Monday they met their son: Eric and Stacia became parents over the weekend.

This was their welcome home crew as they landed back home as a family of three.

It turns out when Eric and Stacia let go of their own dreams God had even bigger ones for them.

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