Monday, October 26, 2015

4th Annual Family Reunion

This past weekend my heart exploded.

Every year we open our home to host my adoptive families for what has become a family reunion. Each year as our family expands, we welcome new families and new little ones.

Although none of us are related by blood, we consider each other family. That's the beautiful thing about adoption. Each family has decided to add to their family in a way where love is more important than biology or genetics.

And with that choice for adoption, through Christian Adoption Consultants, each of my clients also gains an extended family through other couples who have chosen to grow their family through the gift of adoption. Many of us connect with each other daily through a private Facebook group where we encourage, support, and pray for each other. We celebrate matches and births, ooh and aah over sweet babies and their milestones, laugh at the quirks and support each other in the hard that comes with the complexities of adoption, and mourn with each other when there is loss. 

It's a unique gift for adoptive families to be able to walk this journey with others and I've loved watching true friendship blossom. I have families who gather together routinely, who have stopped at each other's homes overnight on their way to welcome their baby, and even mamas who get away together. We diligently pray for each other; fighting to hold strongly to the truth that God calls some families to the hard and beautiful path of adoption.

So this weekend, when some of my families pulled up in our cul-de-sac, had lunch in our backyard, and shared and talked and laughed face to face, my heart was more than full.

And when we circled up for introductions and prayer, I had to choke back the tears. Dozens of dear ones, from multiple states, with littles ones in their arms or still prayers away. I knew each of their stories: the heartaches, the answers to prayer, and the prayers I still pray over them. With littles wiggling and bigs proudly introducing their new siblings, I just stood in awe of God's goodness, right there in my backyard.

I loved watching daddies chase their toddlers, listening to mommies talk and laugh together, and seeing littles jump with my kids on the trampoline. Isabelle told me at one point this is her favorite day of the year since she gets to hold all the babies. I admitted to her that it's one of mine too.

Some families come in different packages. This group of families, connected through adoption rather than blood, are some of my favorites.

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