Monday, November 23, 2015

Adoption Story: Daniel and Taylor

I remember when Taylor contacted me earlier this year (just before Valentine's Day). She had found out about Christian Adoption Consultant's profile services through Pinterest and they were just finishing up their home study. She was eager to find some help with their profile but didn't know much about what consulting could offer.

After a conference call with Taylor and Daniel, they decided to move forward not just with our profile services but also with consulting, calling it a Valentine's Day gift to each other. It turns out that was the beginning of a love story...

Five months later, an expectant mother looked at their profile, the story of their family, and chose them to parent the daughter she was carrying. 

"Everything happened much quicker and much differently than we had expected. We can definitely see how the Lord has his hand in all of it..." What started as a call for help to create a profile ended with another beautiful daughter to add to their family. 

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