Thursday, November 19, 2015

Adoption Story: Stacey and Megan

Stacey and Megan had already experienced the beauty of adoption with their son, Jake. And when they started with Christian Adoption Consultants, their home study was complete and they were ready to begin the journey again. It was less than four months later that they were matched with an expectant mother. And just five days after that when their son was born.

Megan recently sent me an update on their family and I loved hearing how Cole has brought so much joy to their family...

It has been a wonderful whirlwind since Cole's arrival seven months ago... We are just so in love with him, and grateful every day for God's mercy and kindness in giving us Cole! He is the sweetest, happiest little guy and just started crawling this week. He has the greatest laugh and seems to have the best sense of humor! Jake is the best big brother and literally covers him with smooches every single day. We are amazed at this beautiful completion of our family after so much loss and heartache... I would truly walk through it all again to get to Jake and Cole.

Thank you so much for your support and presence through it all. We are still in awe of how smooth and healing and life-giving the entire experience was after over 11 years of so many heart-ripping losses. We feel as though the experience we had adopting Cole reached back into those old wounds and kissed them and healed them. We are so grateful!

I want everyone to know that our experience with you and Christian Adoption Consultants was truly transformative to our hearts in terms of providing such a peaceful, joyful, and fast adoption experience. After over 11 years of pursuing having a child through infertility or failed adoptions, we found our experience with you all to bring such goodness in a place where we had experienced so much loss and pain! I would want to encourage people to not hesitate to use you all, and to continue to hope even when it feels foolish to hope... We truly experienced God's goodness and mercy and healing through the gift of Cole.

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