Thursday, March 17, 2016

Adoption Story: Jason and Crystal

Our plans for the future are simple: we want to make many happy memories as a family and enjoy the blessings we’re given every day.

These were Jason and Crystal's words written to the expectant mothers who would read their story in their profile book when choosing a family to raise their little one. They wrote them back in September after they started with Christian Adoption Consultants.

In November, just before Thanksgiving, a young mother read those words and chose Jason and Crystal to raise her son. And that choice began a relationship between an expectant mama and the couple she chose. They would go to doctor's appointments and ultrasounds together.

And in February, they welcomed their son into the world.

This sweet boy joined their family and I'm sure he will be a huge part to their dreams for happy memories and daily blessings...

Photo credit Tara Hailey Photography

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