Saturday, March 5, 2016

Adoption Story: Pete and Sarah

Pete and Sarah adopted their son four years ago. When they decided they were ready to adopt again, they had no idea how their story would end. Read Sarah's account of how their family grew from three to four...

Our journey with Christian Adoption Consultants started in August of 2015, we had been working with our local adoption agency for 2 years without showing our profile once. I talked to Susan in August and instantly felt a peace and knew we should sign up with CAC.  

After our profile books were made, we thought we would be presenting to expectant moms right away but we never saw one that caught our eye.  At the end of November I read a profile and wanted to present but my husband just wasn’t on board. We prayed about it and decided to pass.

Well, the day we could have presented to that expectant mom (December 3rd), I kept thinking maybe we should have…then I got the text that would change everything.  Through the text we discovered that our son's birthmother was pregnant again...and looking to make an adoption plan! We knew immediately that we would love nothing more than to adopt this baby who was biologically related to our son. The next few hours were spent nailing down details, getting more information, and beginning to fundraise.

I talked to our birth mother and she was so excited that we were open to parenting this baby as well. Calling her was easy as I knew her. She sounded much more mature than when we met her four years ago and seemed to be trying to do better with her life. We talked for over an hour and mainly talked about our son.
On New Year's Eve our little princess was born! Nothing could have prepared us for when we walked into the NICU to meet our little girl for the first time. I just feel in love with her the moment I saw her and I knew God had big plans for her. I was able to hold her; it was wonderful and everything I had prayed for!  

During this process, there were plenty of hurdles to climb; birth father issues, paperwork mix ups, and a NICU stay. Even though this adoption journey for us was high stress and had every obstacle thrown at us, we know God had it all planned out ahead of time that this little girl would be ours. Never in a million years did we think we would have the opportunity to adopt Lane’s sibling; it just goes to tell you God has it all covered. The devil can throw everything at you, but you need to stand firm and try with all your heart to have the faith to believe everything happens for a reason. We believe God has big things planned for our tiny little princess and we can’t wait to see what he has in store for her life.  

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