Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Congratulations Tim and Stacey

Tim and Stacey began consulting with me in January, were home study ready in February, and were matched in June. Theirs is a story of twists and turns. There was heartache and loss and hardship.

So when they were matched with a birth family several months ago, they decided to keep quiet about it. Going through the adoption process can be emotionally draining and they wanted to save their energy to love well.

For months that's exactly what they did. They built long-lasting relationships with the birth family and loved when there was enormous risk.

And then their beautiful daughter, Norah Aliyah was born on September 20. The months of holding their breath and guarding their hearts was over and she was theirs by the very next day.

After discharge from the hospital, they made the announcement to family and friends that they were parents. You can imagine the tears and the hugs and the joyful laughter that this family had gone from two to a beautiful three in what their friends and family thought was overnight.

This was the picture friends and family saw on Facebook and Instragram
as they announced they were parents

But I know Tim and Stacey will treasure their time of waiting and hoping as a sweet time when they fell in love with this little girl. She was worth all of it.

Congrats, Tim and Stacey. It's been an honor watching you love so well. Adoption is so worth the risk.

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