Thursday, September 20, 2012

We Do Things Together Around Here...

...Including breaking arms. You can read about the monkey bar fiasco with Jackson here.

Last Tuesday (9/11) I got this email from Isabelle's teacher:
Dear VanSyckle's,
Just wanted to let you know that Isabelle fell at noon recess.  Her arm is sore and I think it is bruised.  She had ice on it and says it still hurts.  She can bend it but I thought you might want to check it out when she gets home.
I didn't really think twice. Let's just say our Isabelle has a flair for the dramatic. As in she typically milks injuries for all they've got.  I'm so looking forward to thirteen. It's gonna be awesome.

So when I picked her up from school and not moving her arm, I got a little concerned. Even more concerning: no drama. Just a limp arm and complaints of pretty bad pain. The no drama was my clue to head to the local children's hospital asap.  My thought: I just need an x-ray to assure me all is well and it's a sprain.

And wouldn't you know it: broken. A left radial fracture. Same exact break as Jack, same place, just different arm.

So, Isabelle went for a week with a splint and a sling (including all wrapped up at her birthday party). And then for her birthday she got her cast - bright pink of course.  It didn't come without it's perks though. When you get a cast for your birthday you also get to play hooky from school. She had a "daddy date" at the hospital and we all met up at McDonald's for lunch. Then she got to pick up Krispy Kremes for her little class celebration.  Back at school they ate donuts and had a cast signing party. 

We called Jack's the monkey bar fiasco. We're calling this one deja vu. We've laid it down that there are no more broken bones for the year. Or if there is, do it before our insurance deductible restarts in January.

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  1. Awesomeness. She is pretty cute with her pink cast though. . . . :)


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