Monday, May 13, 2013

Congratulations Megan

Megan began with Christian Adoption Consultants in January. But she hesitated even calling. Megan is a single woman who longed to provide a child with a family. And there's not many agencies open to single parents.  

But I believe in single parent adoption. Scripture doesn't specify that only married couples should care for the orphan. Stepping into a child's life isn't reserved for the husband and wife who are married.  A single man or woman can answer God's clear call as well. Babies need homes. Babies need families who can love and care and nurture and support. After chatting with Megan for a bit, I knew she had these resources and the heart of a mother.

When Megan called, I shared this blog post with her, and said I would be eager to help her on her adoption journey. CAC is connected to agencies that are happy to work with single parents. She wasn't hopeful that the process would be quick, but she was determined.

Megan completed her home study in record time. She sped through the paperwork with a resolve I've never seen. Then, just days after her home study was completed in February, she was shown to a birth mother. After several weeks of this sweet birth mother viewing profiles, she chose Megan to raise her little guy.  

Megan got a sweet gift on Mother's Day this year.  She brought her son home from the hospital. 

Happy Mother's Day Megan! The day that has been long hoped for and dreamed of is finally here...

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