Saturday, May 18, 2013

School's Out for the Summer

It's been a busy week around here. Our time has been spent completing school projects, attending awards ceremonies, and this momma mourning her babies growing up. Isabelle and Jackson will be in 1st and second grade in the fall - how is that possible?! Below is a pic of their first and last day of school. (Cue tears for me...)
We're so incredibly blessed by the kids school. Little did we know two years ago when we painstakingly chose Whitefield that it would end up feeling like our family. Some of the kids closest friends and ours are there. Every Monday morning I gather with other Whitefield mamas for a bible study at Panera where we drink coffee, laugh, and dive into the Word together. Every Friday morning I meet with other parents to pray together. We pray over every student and faculty by name. Not to mention our kids are getting an amazing education based on a Classical model, have amazing teachers loving on them daily, and are taught a Christian worldview.

No wonder I got a little teary the last day of school, crazy proud of my kids but also sad to leave the doors of Whitefield for a few months.

At the end of the week Jamy had a conference to attend in Wichita. We decided to make it a family event and beginning of summer celebration. When the kids got out of their last day of school Thursday, we had the car all packed up and told them we were off to dinner. (They just had no idea that dinner was several hours away and we wouldn't be back home till the following night.)

We scored a hotel with a great pool and the kids swam for hours. We even checked out a local children's museum while Jamy was at the conference and the kids had fun learning about castles, tornadoes, and airplanes. We even went to the Nifty Nut House (which I now understand is a staple of Wichita culture).

Let the summer adventures begin...

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