Thursday, May 9, 2013

Congratulations Ryan and Angel

Mother's Day will be a special one for Angel. Although not her first with two little guys at home. But this week, they welcomed their little girl into the world. All 6 pounds, 11 ounces of her! Ryan and Angel began working with me in late September last year, were home study ready in February, and matched in April, all to prepare for this sweet lady.

But Mother's Day will be special to another woman in their life as well. Two nights before her daughter was born, their birth mother sent this note to her social worker about Ryan and Angel, the parents she had chosen to raise her sweet baby:

I just don't know what to expect in meeting them and I'm nervous. Tell them I'm thankful for them. They are willing to love, adore and raise my baby as their own. They are giving my daughter something that I can't. Tell them they are giving her the chance at life the way it should be with a mom and a dad, a loving stable life with knowledge of Christ and a fair chance of success and survival. Let them know I love them for being brave enough to take her in their home and give her a family.

There will be two new mamas this Mother's Day. Both giving this baby a chance at life. Both giving her a fair shot at an amazing lifetime of memories. And both of them incredibly brave to choose adoption.

Happy Mother's both of you.

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