Monday, June 24, 2013

Congratulations Carter and Courtney (again!)

I have been incredibly honored to be able to walk with Carter and Courtney on their journey to grow their family through adoption.   

I met Carter and Courtney for the first time several years ago in a little coffee shop in Kansas City. I was sitting across from them with a birth mama who had chosen them to parent her son. Working as the birth parent counselor, I watched as they loved and cared for her. Several months later, all of us spent hours at the hospital together after the birth of their first adopted son, Asher. I saw first hand the beautiful relationship they developed with Asher's birth mother and her entire extended family.  

When they called me to help them with their second adoption (this time as their adoption consultant), I was thrilled to help! They are a family passionate about adoption, steady in their faith, and always holding on to hope. This was evident in their second journey to adopt. As with most adoption stories, Carter and Courtney were thrown outside of their comfort zones, risked their hearts, and took crazy leaps of faith. Every step of the way, Courtney was confident in God's timing for their family.  

Several weeks ago, I called them with a situation. A baby born hundreds of miles away and a birth mom who wanted to make an adoption plan. They prayed and then texted, "we're in!" After a phone call with the birth parents, they were chosen.  And the next day they were scrambling to catch a flight. All the while praying and hoping and dreaming that this little guy could be theirs.

And hope did not disappoint. Carter and Courtney now have a family of four. Asher now has a little brother. And another birth family has the confidence that their son has amazing parents.

I'm so honored that I got to watch it all unfold for this family...twice.

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