Thursday, June 13, 2013

Congratulations Cole and Maria

When Cole and Maria started with Christian Adoption Consultants, I'm not sure they knew what a whirlwind they were in for. Cole and Maria heard about me from their dear friends, Steve and Maria (As a side, I consider it the highest compliment when my clients refer their friends to me!)

Cole and Maria began their home study in February. They ran into a few snags that held it up but it was complete the beginning of May. The same day I got word that they were home study ready, I sent them a possible situation. A birth mama due the beginning of June.  

We heard nothing for a few days and Cole and Maria headed off to Paris on a business trip. While they were gone, I got word that they had been chosen. They were having a son. As I frantically tried to reach them halfway across the world (via text message, Facebook, and email), Maria later told me that she had been praying that morning at the Eiffel Tower for their future baby.  

When they got back to the states, Cole and Maria went straight into baby mode: prepping the nursery, having a baby shower, and connecting with their birth mom.  The picture above is how they announced their match to friends and family: We have the most amazing news...Cole and I found out in Paris that we're going to be parents! A sweet birth mama chose us to parent her baby boy due June 10th via c-section in Texas. We can't believe how fast this is all happening but are beyond thrilled! We've waited seven long years for this blessed moment.

This week, Cole and Maria became parents to this sweet little guy. Maria was blessed to be in the delivery room to meet him. 

Congrats, Cole and Maria.  Now the wonderful whirlwind of parenting begins!

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  1. What a sweet story and a precious little baby. Congratulations!


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