Friday, June 21, 2013

Hello Summer

It's hard to believe I've been blogging for almost a year. Even harder to believe, I think some people read it. Every season since I've begun, I've taken a little slice of life at the start of each season (here's my fallwinter, and spring).

So let's raise a glass to summer...

Location:  Still south of Kansas City. Jamy and I are longing to move to the city and be in the heart of things and more central to his work, our church, and the kids school. But finding the perfect place just isn't happening. I'm working on my contentment issues in this little burb we're stuck in for now and deciding to embrace all that Small Town America offers.

Watching:  Parenthood: Season 3. I know we're late to the game but we're loving the show, the crazy family, and the story line. But as an adoption worker I'm holding my breath this entire season and rolling my eyes at some of it. ("Can we buy your baby?" Um. No.)

Eating:  A lemon ice from the ice cream truck. We made it 7 years with this being the "music truck."  No more.

Drinking:  Right now? Cold coffee. Why? Because I am that desperate, because it's good coffee, and because I'm a sipper. The caffeine is worth it. Don't judge me.

Wanting:  A redo at parenting some days. I lose my patience, I raise my voice, I multi-task. And I go to bed with regrets. But I'm thankful for a Savior and kids who give me grace when I repent. 

Needing:  Some rest. We are eagerly anticipating a vacation in the next few weeks with the Weston clan. Both Jamy and I have gone full tilt into work for the past several months and some time away in a little harbor town in Michigan with the family sounds like just what we need.

Loving:  Running. I'm just kidding - that's a huge lie. But I am loving the fact that I'm actually doing it and feeling way better about myself is a huge step in the right direction. I mean, I would have proudly worn this shirt just 2 months ago and happily been buried in it.

Creating:  Nothing. My mind space is currently full of juggling adoption 3 days a week and my work as a Cruise Ship Director the other 2 days (otherwise known as "Mommy Days" around here when the kids aren't at summer camp).

Thinking:  This is my favorite post on summer. Ever. See above comment.

Wondering:  If we'll have two broken arms again this summer on Jackson and Bella. This mama is praying for an uneventful summer on that front and still paying the medical bills from last year.

With all that said, I'm gonna carpe diem this whole summer thing (mostly).


  1. Don't worry, the "music truck" lives on in our neck of the woods! I love reading your updates and pray for your family regularly.

    I've tried to resurrect our family blog in the last couple of days if you wanted to catch up :)

    1. Thanks for the prayers friend! Just checked out your blog and loved the updates and cute kiddos!


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