Friday, December 21, 2012

Hello Winter

Had you asked me a few days ago if it felt like winter I would have looked at you with one eyebrow raised. It was in the 60's in Kansas City. Within 36 hours you would have thought Snowmageddon was upon us. (Definition of Snowmageddon in Kansas City: there will be a slight dusting of snow which causes schools to shut down, roads to close, mayors to issue states of emergency, and people rushing the grocery stores for all of the bread and Gatorade.)  

But this doomsday was pretty legit since there was a thunderstorm followed by snow which was followed by the chaos of freezing roads everywhere. Which we promptly drove on with our small children to begin our holiday. Merry Christmas.

So, just like I did this fall, I'm bringing in the season with a list of "currents" to offer a glimpse into my life as it looks right now...

My parents mantle full of memories.  Yes, mine says "Susie."

Location:  Somewhere on Highway 69 in Indiana headed to celebrate Christmas with the VanSyckle clan in Michigan. It's snowing and we're anticipating running into another big storm before reaching Grand Rapids. Our "cars in the ditch number" is up to 44. Perhaps I should be holding on and praying rather than blogging right now...

Watching:  For signs that the world is ending [see: Mayan Calendar]. I think all the power companies should get together and turn off all the power for ten minutes today just to freak everyone out. 

Eating:  Jamy's Kool-Aid tropical punch popcorn. As a Christmas gift for his staff he gave them all made-to-order popcorn of their favorite Kool-Aid flavor. Don't you wish Jamy was your boss?

Drinking: Peppermint Mocha Lattes with the hopes of swigging some egg nog soon. Tis the season.

Wanting:  To embrace this season of advent. I've tried to be purposeful in slowing my own heart down and focusing our family on celebrating Christ's coming and anticipating his return.  

Needing:  This vacation. Our family is beginning ten days of family and togetherness. Although there will be much loss of patience and stress, there will also be many memories created, joys shared, and much needed down time.  

Loving: My husband like crazy. This time last year we didn't spend the holidays together. This year we've taken nothing for granted; putting up the tree together, going to see Christmas lights, shopping for gifts, doing the Jesse Tree with the kids. There's a sense of gratitude now with, well, most everything.

Creating:  Dreams with my husband. Thirteen hours in the van creates space for this. We've been dreaming of the coming year and how to be intentional about our marriage, our family, and our future.  

Thinking:  About plans for the new year. We've got a few changes coming. Good changes. Scary changes. Changes that God has ordained and we're excited to step into.

Wondering:  What life would have been like had Jamy and I chosen a different path. What if we hadn't chosen forgiveness and healing? This Christmas would have looked so different...I'm glad we made it.

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  1. If you're staying with Jamy's family - we're just around the corner! We're out of town Friday-Tuesday but let me know if you want to go grab coffee or something later in the week :)


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