Monday, December 17, 2012

Congratulations Caleb and Rachel

Caleb and Rachel have had a big month. They're beginning a new ministry in a new city in a few weeks.  Caleb's band, Pas Neos released their new album a few days ago. And they had this sweet girl, Aaliyah Mae on December 14th.

Caleb and Rachel began consulting in late July this year and found out in the fall of their upcoming move  on January 1st. Knowing this might complicate the adoption process, we decided to pray for what Caleb and Rachel thought was impossible: for their baby to be born by the end of the year. And they began to share their story with family and friends through this video.

Just weeks later in November they were matched with their birth mom due just before Christmas. Last Friday I called Rachel while they were on tour to let her know their birth mom was in labor and to hop the quickest flight to meet their baby.

Over the weekend they've been falling in love with their daughter and thanking God for His divine timing and goodness.  

The sweet Instagram shot they used to announce they had a daughter to family & friends

I know I shouldn't be surprised anymore with God's faithfulness to families who have said yes to God's call to adoption. But each time I'm amazed at how he writes these families stories.  

Congratulations Caleb and Rachel - I'm so glad you prayed for the impossible.

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