Thursday, June 6, 2013

Congratulations Samuel and Brandy

They say good things come to those who wait.  This sweet little package is no exception.

But the wait was very real for Samuel and Brandy.  When Samuel and Brandy signed up with me, we all assumed it would be a short wait. Their arms were wide open to any little baby the Lord wanted to place with them.

I don't remember a time they said no to being presented to a birth family with a little one needing a home.  But the answer back always seemed to be "no." 

After awhile the doubt crept in.  Was adoption the right route to take for our family?  Maybe we should give up.

After months of waiting, there was a baby.  They had been chosen.  There was hope.  But all too soon the hope was gone again and it seemed like just another "no."
But I was confident the answer wasn't a "no" from the Lord, just a "wait."

So we waited together.  During the wait, Brandy and I developed a sweet friendship built on our love for babies, birth mamas, Jesus, and a good laugh.  We swapped many emails and phone calls during this time swapping stories, asking for prayers, giggling, and even crying together.  I marveled at Brandy's unswerving confidence in God's faithfulness.

And then, there was another sweet birth mama and her sweet baby girl. 

This time, it was a resounding "yes" from God.

Yes, you are meant to be her parents.

Yes, the timing is now perfect.

Yes, adoption is meant to be a part of your story.

Yes, this little one is your daughter.

God knew the whole time that this sweet girl was meant to be with this amazing family.  And all the other "no's" were meant to lead Samuel and Brandy to this moment.

In Brandy's words: We waited for her, we prayed for her, we tried our best to believe for her, we wrestled in our hearts for her before she was seen or known or able to be touched.  And now, she is joy unspeakable for us... And her life demonstrates the Lord's goodness.  

I've asked them: the wait's been worth it.


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