Thursday, August 27, 2015

Adoption Story: David and Catherine

Sometimes, the best surprises come when you least expect it. Sometimes, after the storm breaks, God sends a rainbow you never thought you'd see. 

Sometimes, miracles begin with brokenness. 

Read more of David and Catherine's story as Catherine shares how a daughter came to be theirs...

David and I always knew we wanted to adopt some day. We even talked about it while we were dating in college. We just thought it would happen later. We’d get pregnant first and then we’d start the long and difficult road of adoption. But after almost two years of trying to get pregnant, we both began to feel strongly that God was directing us down a different path.

We began working with Christian Adoption Consultants in March of this year and our home study was approved just a month later! Just a few short months later, we were matched with an expectant mama due in a matter of days. Six days later, she went into labor and we rushed to meet her at the hospital. After spending a few days with her at the hospital, we found out she had changed her mind and decided to parent. We were completely heartbroken. It was hard to see God at work during the days that followed, when we were angry and couldn’t see any good in the pain. But our God is gracious and merciful and makes beauty from ashes. Just two weeks later we were matched again, and our daughter was born on July 24th.

We have come to realize that sometimes God says no to the plans you make to turn your heart and your desires toward what He has in store for you. Without our failed match, we would’ve never had the joy and privilege of calling Emma our daughter. She’s more than we could have ever dreamed of, and we have been in awe of how God’s perfect plan unfolded for us over the past few weeks. Thank you to Susan and CAC for all the support, prayers and encouragement. We couldn’t have done it without you!

We are celebrating with David and Catherine on the birth of their sweet daughter, and the dreams that God graciously granted for this family of three.

Beautiful photos credited to Grace Adams Photography.

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