Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Reality of the First Day of School

This morning I looked back at my blog posts of the kids first days of school with sweet words to my kindergartener and first grader and how to embrace everyday as a mama. And all of those sentiments are sweet and I dearly love my children.

But this morning was a day of rejoicing.

Summer's over, ya'll. And it went on a bit long this year.

Our kids started a week later than they usually do and those seven days admittedly felt like an eternity. I would see friends post to social media sweet first day of school pictures and be jealous. And everyone we run into lately (the dentist, the grocer, even the lifeguard) see the kids and tell them how lucky they are to still be on summer vacation while their mother is inwardly rolling her eyes.

Summer is amazing. By that last day of school, we're all ready for a more relaxed pace and days that are unscheduled. But come August, I am more than ready for some structure and sanity.

I say this tongue in cheek since we're about to pull our kids OUT of school just days in to have even more family togetherness at Disney. But for now I will glory in the schedules and the rhythm and an empty house for a few hours.  

In case you're wondering, I did have some moments wondering how they got so tall, how I'm a mama to a 3rd and 4th grader, and how quickly they're growing up.

But this is the reality of school...

May (kids):

August (mamas):

So cheers to the first day of school, a year full of some amazing memories, and being ready to do be done with it all again come May!

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