Friday, December 23, 2016


This text came last night. A text like so many others of a family rushing to the hospital to make it for the birth of their child.

And then, in the wee hours of the morning, the follow up that he had arrived. "He's perfect. Born at 11:46. 7lbs, 13oz" and beautiful pictures of the new family of three.

This text marks number 200. 200 babies welcomed to families through adoption. 200 adoptions I've been honored to be a part of as I walk beside families as an Adoption Consultant with Christian Adoption Consultants.

It seems silly that I know that number. But I know it because it's so much more than a number. Each of these 200 babies represents a story. Each one a way God moved in miraculous and redemptive ways. Each with their own bittersweet details of two families coming together to choose what they believe is the best for their baby.

200 babies
200 birth families who have made brave and selfless decisions
200 times a couple has said “yes” to the scary unknowns of adoption
200 extended families with grandmas and grandpas, aunts, uncles, cousins, and siblings have welcomed a little one
200 ways a family has opened their hearts and homes
200 families changed forever

I've shared before why I have the best job in the world. But truly, I can't imagine anything more rewarding for me than watching daily as families, both birth and adoptive, say "yes" to all of this. To the hard, good, redemptive, bittersweet, amazing stuff that adoption is made of. 

So this morning, when I got this text, you can understand how overwhelmed I was. It was another chance to be in awe of a God who writes the best stories. And I've had a front row seat to at least 200 beautiful ones...

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