Monday, December 19, 2016

Adoption Story: Joe and Jessica (baby #2!)

The holidays are especially sweet for Joe and Jessica. Just two years ago in November, they welcomed their first son, Micah through adoption. You can read that amazing story here. But they knew their family was not yet complete and started with Christian Adoption Consultants again this September. (As a side, some of my favorite calls to get are families I get to work with a second or third time!)

It was just a month later they were matched with an expectant mama. And a month after that, Emmitt was born. This Thanksgiving the family spent it as a brand new family of four.

Below are some of Jessica's thoughts on going through adoption a second time...

Going through the adoption process the second time was so different than the first. We were much more at peace with knowing and trusting in God’s plan for our family. It made the "no’s" much easier to take and the waiting was easier.  But it was also harder this time because we knew that our happiest moment was going to come at the price of another woman’s worst moment. We love Micah’s birth mom so much, and have such a great relationship with her. I worried that we wouldn’t have that same connection with our second child’s birth family. Those worries melted away quickly though when we met Emmitt’s birth family. I feel so lucky to have two sons, but I also feel incredibly blessed to have added these two birth mothers in our lives. It’s a bond that you just can’t understand unless you’ve experienced it.  I’m so glad that God chose this for our family. 

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